My office is located within the Trauma and Addiction Recovery Center (TARC). Learn more about what TARC offers by visiting

(423) 240-0581

Trauma and Addiction Recovery Center

6065 East Brainerd Road

Chattanooga, TN 37421

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"No one can do it for us, but we can't do it by ourselves."

Trauma and Addiction Recovery Center

Sex and Pornography Addiction Treatment

Partner Betrayal Trauma Treatment

(423) 269-7395

  • Sex Addicts Anonymous       

  • Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous

  • Sexaholics Anonymous     

  • Al-Anon (family/friends of alcohlics/addicts)

  • Alcoholics Anonymous

  • SMART Recovery

  • Adult Children (ACA)

       For adults who grew up in dysfunctional     

       or addicted family systems

  • Celebrate Recovery

       (Christian Based Recovery Group)   

  • S-Anon (12 Step support for partners and loved ones of sex addicts)

  • Narcotics Anonymous